Reflections on India’s LGBTQ Rights Ruling in The Conversation

Check out my piece in The Conversation about India’s historic ruling in favor of LGBTQ rights!

From India’s sodomy ban, now ruled illegal, was a British colonial legacy:

“The Indian Supreme Court has legalized homosexuality, overturning a 157-year ban on consensual gay sex.

In a nearly 500-page unanimous decision issued on Sept. 6, India’s highest court affirmed that “whenever the constitutional courts come across a situation of transgression or dereliction in the sphere of fundamental rights which are also the basic human rights of a section, howsoever small part of the society, then it is for the constitutional courts to ensure that constitutional morality prevails over social morality.”

Gay rights advocates worldwide celebrated the legal victory, which came after nearly a decade of contentious court battles against a British colonial law criminalizing homosexual acts….”